"Phase 2 Plan"

* Resume Sunday morning 11:00am services.

          * Classes offered for Birth-5th Grade

* Continue offering the Live-Stream of the 11:00am service. 

* Wednesday Nights:

     *#JesusStrongKids (1st-5th Grade) 6:30-7:30pm

     *The Pursuit Youth (6th-12th Grade) 6:30-8:00pm

"Phase 2 Guidelines"

* Please read the State of Alaska "Reopen Alaska Responsibly" guidance for their suggestions on Individual Actions to take.

* Food/Drinks will not be offered, though you may bring your own drink into the building.

* Cross contamination will be minimized by not handing out bulletins, Bibles, other materials.  Please bring your Bible or download the Bible App.

* Communion will be offered, but it will be the last part of the Sunday service.  

     * Communion will be prepared responsibly.

     * The bread will be in a cup underneath the juice cup.  Please grab a "stack" without touching other cups.

     *During communion, leave your seat and go to a commuion station.  Select your communion and move to make room for others to approach the station.  You may find a space to quietly meditate or pray with others before taking your communion.  Once you take communion, please dispose of the cups in the nearby recepticle (do not place the used cups back in the tray).  After taking communion, the service has concluded.  Smile and encourage someone as you exit the building.


Looking for a church but not sure where to turn? We want to help you find a home! Our church is dedicated to helping everyday people become #JesusStrong by Caring, Connecting, and Communicating. Click the button below to learn more about visiting Kenai Christian Church.



11:00 AM-Main Worship Service

**Classes are available for Birth - 5th Grade**

(Service will be available in person and via Live-stream online)

From Our Minister

Hello and thanks for checking us out online!  If you are searching for a church family, we hope that you will find it with us.  Our congregation started over 50 years ago in the livingroom of Robert and Sheila DeVolld.  Their faithful service to the Lord during that time has brought us to where we are today.  A firm foundation in God's word was established so that we can continue to reach those who need God most.  The methods may have changed, but our message remains the same!  We are #JesusStrong and we hope to bring that Truth to everyone we encounter.  I look forward to meeting you personally!

- Adam