Our Most Recent COVID-19 Updates

Updated May 22nd, 2020

When we have updates concerning our response to COVID-19 you can find them here and on our social media accounts.

  2. * 11:oo am Sunday morning service will resume in-person on Sunday, May 24th.  Sunday morning services will also continue to be offered online.
  3. *You can see more detailed information about "Phase 1 Plan" for Kenai Christian Church on this page.
  4. *  You can view our online LIVE services on the homepage of our website or on Facebook live.  facebook.com/kenaichristian
  5. * Our building will remained closed unless you have filled out a building use from and recieved approval to be in the building.  Otherwise, the building may only be accessed by staff or maintenance at this time.
  6. * Please continue to use caution for your health and the health of those around you.
  7. * Remember that this is a unique time to be the Church!  Bring JOY to those around you.  Stay in daily contact and offer HOPE and ENCOURAGMENT to someone via phone call, text, or social media.
  8. * If you have questions, please email: office@kenaichristianchurch.org

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"Phase 1 Plan"

* Resume Sunday morning 11:00am services.

* Families sit together for worship.

* Continue offering the Live-Stream of the 11:00am service.

* Children's, Youth, and all other Bible studies/classes will be postponed until future Phases.

* The nursery will be available to parents for emergency needs, but not staffed at this time.

"Phase 1 Guidelines"

* Please read the State of Alaska"Reopen Alaska Responsibly" guidance for their suggestions on Individual Actions to take.

* Food/Drinks will not be offered, though you may bring your own drink into the building.

* Cross contamination will be minimized by not handing out bulletins, Bibles, other materials.  Please bring your Bible or download the Bible App.

* Communion will be offered, but it will be the last part of the Sunday service.  

     * Communion will be prepared by individuals wearing a mask and gloves.

     * The bread will be in a cup underneath the juice cup.  Please grab a "stack" without touching other cups.

     *During communion, leave your seat and go to a commuion station.  Select your communion and move to make room for others to approach the station.  You may find a space to quietly meditate or pray with others before taking your communion.  Once you take communion, please dispose of the cups in the nearby recepticle (do not place the used cups back in the tray).  After taking communion, the service has concluded.  Smile and encourage someone as you exit the building.