Lesson (Big Idea):

This time of the year, we celebrate the birth of our Lord.  But do we ever take a moment to step back and think about Jesus entering our world as a baby?  And how one day, that baby would change everything about how we can be with God?  In the song “I Celebrate the Day,” the writer is reflecting on this day, and how Jesus’ birth changed everything.  But the writer also reflects on his relationship with God; and how he doesn’t feel as close as he wanted to be at this point.  It’s important that as we remember this day and think on the birth of Jesus, we reflect on ourselves and ask how we’re growing in our relationship with him; if we’re growing at all.


Goal: Students will be able to reflect on where they’re at with their relationship with God, and set a goal to grow in their relationship with Jesus



1)      John 1:14

2)      Luke 2:6-7

3)      John 10:10

4)      2 Peter 3:18


Big Questions:

1)      What stands out to you about the song “I Celebrate the Day” by Relient K?

2)      Take a moment to read Luke 2:6-7 & John 1:14 with your kiddo,

                a.      Why did Jesus enter our world?

                                 i.      Why was this such a huge deal?

3)      After reading 2 Peter 3:18,

                a.      Is it important to grow/take steps in our relationship with Jesus?

                                 i.      How so?

4)      Parents…we discussed back in the fall that if your (the student’s) relationship with God was a target, where would you land?  We brought that back up at youth             group to check where they’re at now?  Are they closer to the bullseye (God)?  Or are they farther away?

5)      Where do you see yourself on the target now?

                a.      What do you think you need to do to get closer to the bullseye (to grow)?