Lesson (Big Idea):

There’s more to faith than just coming to church.  In order for us to be #JesusStrong, we have to train in our faith on a daily basis.  While a lot of people may claim As followers of Jesus, it’s important that we “Go Beyond” just constantly being served.  Jesus showed us this example by coming to serve rather than be served. If we’re going to follow His example, we should serve others as He did, and serving in Church using the gifts/abilities He gave us.  It’s important that we serve.  And when we get involved/serve others, people will be even more encouraged to follow Jesus and become #JesusStrong.

Goal: Students will be able to serve in the Church in some capacity.


1)      Mark 10:45

2)      Colossians 3:23-24

3)      1 Peter 4:10

Big Questions:

1)      Looking at Mark 10:45, what stands out that Jesus came to serve and not be served?

               a.      How did Jesus serve others?

2)      Looking at 1 Peter 4:10 & Colossians 3:23-24,

              a.      Why is it important that we use our gifts/talents to serve God/others?

              b.      Do you think serving in church could help you grow in your faith?

                                     i.      How so? Or how not?

3)      Why should we always work as if we’re doing it for God as stated in Colossians?

4)      In what area could you serve here at church?

5)      How are you going to Go Beyond by serving God and others?